This service will provide you with the ultimate protection by comparing your inquiry against the entire negative database maintained by MIS.

This includes negative information gathered from all over the world. This includes governmental and organizational sanction lists (ie: the UN, the EU, OFAC), law enforcement (ie: US Attorney, State attorney generals, Interpol, Scotland Yard), domestic and international regulators (ie: SEC, CFTC, FINRA, FSA, HK Monetary Authority), negative news in the media, and reports of negative activities from our members. The database also includes Chiefs of State (COS) as defined by the U.S. CIA, Diplomats (as defined by the US Department of State), and Notices of Seizures by US Law Enforcement (DEA, FBI, US Postal Service, and US Secret Service). MISCheck provides you with both a current comparison with all data in our negative database when you make your inquiry, and perpetual monitoring of same against any new information that is added to our negative database (which is growing every day).


This service, which is a subset of the MISCheck, will compare your inquiry to the US Ofac list, and the Chiefs of States, diplomats, and seizures (as described above in the MISCheck service).


This service, which is a subset of OFAC/COS/NOS will provide you with ongoing monitoring of your inquiry against the US OFAC list. As any persons or entities are added to the list, MIS will diligently monitor these against all of the inquiries that you have ever sent to us.

FINCEN 314A - All of the services listed above include MIS comparing your inquiries to the biweekly request for information issued by FINCEN for account information under USAPATRIOT Act section 314A.

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